|||   11.21.12 - ACOUSTIC SET @ SUBTERRANEAN ON 11.23.12

                                                                   w/ Mike Golden and Friends,
                                                                   Up From The Wormwood,
                                                                   and Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

                                                                   tickets: here


                                    |||   08.06.12 - NEW ALBUM "beehives" AND RELEASE SHOW


                                                                   we made a new record. it's called "beehives."
                                                                   you can stream / download it for free HERE.
                                                                   there will also be physical copies available for
                                                                   free at our release show.

                                                                   Sunday, September 9, 2012 @ Schubas
                                                                   w/ Mike Golden and Friends,
                                                                   Colin Tyler, and Amanda Farmer

                                                                   tickets: here


                                    |||   12.19.11 - SUBTERRANEAN - CHICAGO, IL ON 12.27.11

                                                                   w/ Mike Golden and Friends,
                                                                   Up From The Wormwood,
                                                                   and Canadian Pavers

                                                                   tickets: here


                                    |||   08.04.11 - BEAT KITCHEN - CHICAGO, IL ON 08.05.11

                                                                   w/ Mike Golden and Friends,
                                                                   Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,
                                                                   and Textures of Lions

                                                                   tickets: here


                                    |||   05.25.11 - POSTERS

                                                                   we'll have a limited batch of screen print posters
                                                                   available for free at the 5.27.11 show at Schubas.
                                                                   come early if you'd like one.


                                    |||   04.13.11 - KROCHET KIDS BENEFIT SHOW @ SCHUBAS - 05.27.11

                                                                   Due to the urbanization of South America, capital
                                                                   cities, like Peru, have been overwhelmed with
                                                                   people who lack the education and experience to
                                                                   find quality work. These overpopulated cities are
                                                                   some of the most at-risk in regards to unfair wages
                                                                   and labor abuse. All profits from this show will
                                                                   help fund both Krochet Kids' and ODW (One Days
                                                                   Wages) in their upcoming project in Peru - the goal
                                                                   being to help empower the impoverished women
                                                                   there by offering them employment and education
                                                                   so they can provide a better future for their families.

                                                                   Check out their websites and mission at:
                                                                   One Day's Wages and Krochet Kids

                                                                   w/ Colin Tyler, Mike Golden and Friends,
                                                                   and Amanda Farmer

                                                                   tickets: here

                                    |||   01.01.11 -

                                                                   this is our new website.